Total Hip Replacement

Please review the following videos to ensure a smooth surgery and a speedy recovery. All videos can be downloaded as PDFs as well.

Hip Guide Intro and About

Our introduction video will explain the AVATAR hip replacement program. It is meant to help you prepare for surgery and maximize your recovery.


Explanation of the AVATAR same day surgery program.


This guide will help prepare you to get ready for surgery and explains health, wellness, nutrition, weight control, prehab exercises, home preparation and medical equipment.

Preoperative Instructions

Overview of steps for patients to take pre-operatively to prepare for a successful surgery.

Day of Hip Surgery

Review this video to understand what the day of your surgery will look like and what to bring and not bring.

Hip Guide Postoperative Instructions

Instructions following your surgery for a speedy and smooth recovery.

Potential Complications and Prevention

Be aware of potential complications following your surgery and how to prevent them.


Frequently asked questions post-surgery.

Pain Management

Guide to managing your pain post-surgery.