Recent King & Parsons Insights

Advantages of the SuperPATH Hip Replacement

Modern techniques in joint replacement focus on tissue-sparing surgical approaches that disrupt less of the muscles, tendons and ligaments. Learn about SuperPATH hip replacement

Opioid Sparing Total Joint Replacement

We have developed as part of our A.V.A.T.A.R program, a comprehensive, multimodal pain management pathway that treats pain and reduces the need for opiate medications. Learn how…

Activity After Hip Or Knee Replacement

Modern, well-performed joint replacements will last 20-30 years depending on activity level and possibly even longer. Learn how orthopaedic care’s thinking has evolved.

Same-Day Joint Replacement

Modern techniques in pain management along with rapid recovery protocols now allow patients safely return home the same day as their joint replacement. Drs. King and Parsons have performed more same-day-surgery joint replacements than any other surgeons in New Hampshire and most if not all in New England. This experience as allowed us to refine the methods for how to successfully allow outpatient joint replacement through what we term the AVATAR program (Alignment of Vital Assets to Accelerate Recovery). This blog post will briefly overview the advantages and steps to make this possible.