Recent King & Parsons Insights

AVATAR: A rapid-recovery program after joint replacement

AVATAR: Alignment of vital assets to accelerate recovery is a trademarked customized rapid recovery program that helps patients get better after joint replacement surgery quickly, safely and successfully. Built on the experience of thousands of cases, we have have determine the key elements for success and outline them here.

Conformis Custom 3D Total Knees: The Patient Specific Advantage

Conformis is the only patient specific custom total knee implant on the market. Implants are specially designed to match a patient’s specific anatomy and replicate more natural knee function. This blog post will highlight the advantages of the Conformis concept.

Same-Day Joint Replacement

Modern techniques in pain management along with rapid recovery protocols now allow patients safely return home the same day as their joint replacement. Drs. King and Parsons have performed more same-day-surgery joint replacements than any other surgeons in New Hampshire and most if not all in New England. This experience as allowed us to refine the methods for how to successfully allow outpatient joint replacement through what we term the AVATAR program (Alignment of Vital Assets to Accelerate Recovery). This blog post will briefly overview the advantages and steps to make this possible.

Ream and Run: Shoulder Replacement Option for Young and Active Patients

Ream and run is a method of shoulder replacement for younger and physically active patients who are at risk for eventual failure of the implant. The weak link in shoulder replacement is the glenoid or plastic socket. The ream and run avoids the use of a glenoid implant by shaping the native socket to a conformity with the ball. This provides optimal loading mechanics and smooth range of motion without the risk of glenoid implant loosening, wear or fracture.

The SuperPATH Hip Replacement

The SuperPATH hip replacement is novel technique that allows hip replacement to be performed without dislocating the hip joint. This is a less invasive technique that maximally preserved the muscle and capsule around the hip joint allowing a true rapid recovery with early stability and few limitations.